Tools to Free you From the Box of Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical stage for all SEO professionals. Although different people perform it differently, somesteps are common across the board. In most cases, these steps are compulsory and evading them might have a deteriorative impact to your career. These steps are:

  • Identification of base keywords around which the rest of ideas will be built upon
  • Expanding on base keywords by use of autosuggest  and or other  technologies
  • Analyzing the threshold of competition and providing a clear prioritization of keywords


This post will focus on the alternatives of the first two steps in order to gather a huge volume of keywords ideas without much dependence on the brainstorming activity.  However,more can also be learned through utilization of keyword research guide or seo keyword research tutorial available in various sources.  It is also important to learn how the Google suggestion box works since it is also very crucial in the world of SEO writing. If you have no idea of how Google suggestion works, you can comfortably type “how to scrape Google suggestion box” on your search engine and you will get some good guidance.

Mobile search through use of Bing

The bing search engine has recently added an option of “search images” on its search suggestion layers but only limited to mobile devices. This intelligence provides some “bubble” suggestions which are very advanced as opposed to the old partial suggestions for images. This new technology provides voluminous of valuable keywords.

Use of pinterest

The usage of pinterest in keyword search works almost the same as that of Bing. However, you have to follow a certain criteria in order to get some substantial results from this site.  The first step is logging in to your pinterest account and ensure the scraper extension is already installed in your browser. Right-click on the suggestion dialogue layer and follow the //span[@class=”guide Text”]. If you are utilizing the scraper extension, you should proceed to click scrape and copy that info to clipboard in order to access your keywords.

Survey data

While mining the keyword list, people surveys are always overlooked since many SEO professionals does not think there is substantial information they can get from people. However, when appropriately utilized, surveys can be a great assets to your quest in search of keywords.


Competitor keyword data

With sites such as Similar Web Pro, you can try to find the keywords used by your competitors and find which ones the Google has highly ranked in the research results. You can then incorporate them in your keywords


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