The RGW Liaison Extranet:

COMING SOON: (target date, July 1, 2003)

Up to the minute quality assurance information with our QNet Manager system

Our quality assurance consulting services are detail driven, working to exacting specifications, always available 24/7, timely and responsive, and technically sophisticated. To give you this level of service, we use e-Bill invoices and will soon use QNet Manager, a powerful web hosted application. With QNet we will be able to give you up to the minute information 24/7, by email, pager, fax, or text-enabled cell phone. QNet Manager will also enable us to serve you cost effectively by coordinating management and field work within our network of quality consultants and containment teams. We call our QNet system the Extranet. Here’s how it will work:

Data collected in the field is sent in electronic format to a central database for retrieval and reporting.

QNet Manager consists of the Field Representative, Management, and Customer modules. Each module has its own set of benefits.

Field Representative Management Customer:
The Field Representative module uses hand-held PocketPC devices to view assigned tasks, communicate with the Customer and Management, and to enter and transmit data. The key to the Management module is the web browser. With it, RGW Liaison accesses a wealth of management and monitoring tools on the server. The Customer module connects the client to the quality data in real time. The Customer module also uses a web-based interface.
  • Clearly defined tasks
  • Standard operating procedure is established and strengthened
  • One tool for collecting data, communicating with clients, and inspecting materials
  • Record all interactions with line personnel
  • Send digital images of non-conforming parts
  • Use bar code scanner to gather bin information
  • Share information with co-workers in different locations
  • Assign new tasks
  • Communicate with everyone in the field
  • View all activities for a time period
  • Track time for each job
  • Communicate with clients
  • Monitor client usage
  • Retrieve data for reporting and/or audits
  • Discover trends and patterns
  • Exportable data
  • A detailed record of interactions with RGW Liaison
  • Discover trends and patterns
  • Assign tasks directly to Field Representatives
  • Choose WAP, pager, e-mail or fax notification for quality issue

The delay in implementing QNet Manager is due to development problems. A new developer has been hired and we do hope to begin using QNet by the target date, January 1, 2003. Meanwhile, we continue to send daily progress reports and answer additional questions by email and toll-free telephone.